Jayne Clifford, Co-Owner and Wine Director

Jayne Clifford is an all-round holistic health practitioner with qualifications in nutrition, functional exercise and transformational coaching. Jayne serves as Sealantro’s Chief Elf, a role which encompasses her many responsibilities from marketing, accounting, and dish washing to vegan cook and pastry chef.

A former travel magazine publisher, Jayne left the corporate world in 2004 when her unhealthy lifestyle on the road took its toll. As she researched ways to improve her health, she found herself on a new career path teaching long-lasting healthy habits to frequent travelers globally.  Jayne has presented at NASA, Edmunds.com, the Florida Business Travel Association, Alvarez & Marsal, the Boutique Lodging and Lifestyle Association, and many more prominent organizations.

Locally, Jayne has found that her knowledge of traveling and dining out frequently on the road has proven invaluable to her clients who enjoy part time residency during the Treasure Coast’s busy social season. They continue to work with Jayne from their summer residences too thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Jayne has worked with clients in South Africa, the UK, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Under her nom de plume, Jayne McAllister, Jayne is the author of Mile High & Healthy: The Frequent Traveler’s Roadmap to Eating, Exercise, Energy and a Balanced Life (Story Farm, November 2015), which was hailed by Forbes.com as “A breakthrough book (…) taking the reader on a variety of journeys discussing everything from the physiological impacts of travel to detailed analysis of how travelers can wrest control of the chaos that constitutes today’s business trip.“.

MILEHIGH_FRONT_FINALJayne has been featured nationally on Fox News Channel’s “A Healthy You and Carol Alt,” as well as regional affiliates for ABC, Fox, and CBS. She has been cited in Entrepreneur magazine, the New York Post and on forbes.com in her capacity as a travel wellness expert.

Jayne graduated from Cambridge University and holds an MA in Modern and Medieval Languages.  She received her holistic nutrition and coaching education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Holistic MBA, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

Jayne speaks five languages and has lived in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and, for 30 years, in Florida. She lives in Vero Beach with her husband, Michael Clifford, and their mischievous spaniel, Jaxson.