Jayne Clifford, Co-Owner, Author, Dining Etiquette Consultant

Jayne Clifford serves as Sealantro’s Chief Elf, a role which encompasses her many responsibilities from marketing, accounting, and dish washing to vegan cook and pastry chef. Jayne is a dining etiquette consultant, published author, and certified vegan cook.

While Jayne hails from Lancashire, England, she holds a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages from  Cambridge University. Both during the course of her studies and a later career in duty free and travel magazine publishing, Jayne traveled far and wide, developing a love of food and cooking along the way.

Jayne has lived in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and, since 1991, Florida. She has traveled as far east as Japan and as far south as Venezuela. Jayne definitely likes to see the world food first, and is always eager to try new cuisines.

The cooking of her native land keeps Jayne busy today. Sealantro evolved from a prepared meal service to a British café because of customer demand, especially once afternoon tea was introduced. “People kept asking us to make scones, sausage rolls, and pies,” says Jayne. “I had to dig deep into the cobwebs to remember how I learned to make scones at school a very long time ago! Now I love to see how happy our customers are to have an authentic taste of Britain right here in Vero Beach.”

Jayne teaches classes about afternoon tea etiquette and general dining etiquette to both children and adults.  This summer, she plans on finishing her book about the history and service of afternoon tea. To book Jayne to present on the topics of dining etiquette and afternoon tea, please email info@sealantro.com.

As Sealantro’s vegan cook, Jayne pulls on her own experience as a long-time vegetarian and her travels to create vegan food that is creative, delicious and void of artificial meats. She is adamant: ”Vegan food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. There is a wealth of variety available to us from multiple world cuisines, especially Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean.” Sealantro provides Ryder’s Gourmet Market with vegan meals, as well as making sure that vegan options are always available to our customers.

Under her nom de plume, Jayne McAllister, Jayne is the author of Mile High & Healthy: The Frequent Traveler’s Roadmap to Eating, Exercise, Energy and a Balanced Life (Story Farm, November 2015), which was hailed by Forbes.com as “A breakthrough book (…) taking the reader on a variety of journeys discussing everything from the physiological impacts of travel to detailed analysis of how travelers can wrest control of the chaos that constitutes today’s business trip.“. Jayne’s new book about afternoon tea will be published in late 2022.

Jayne lives in Vero Beach with her husband, Michael Clifford, and their mischievous dog, Spaniel L. Jaxson.