Welcome to Sealantro!

We offer gourmet healthy prepared meals for people who don’t have the time to “shop, chop and cook.” 

Have you been trying to eat better but don’t have the time to cook for yourself? Do you end up grabbing take-out that compromises your dietary goals? Has your doctor told you to eat healthier but you think that kale and quinoa are household cleaning products? Have you been advised to eat a specific diet – for example, low sugar, anti-inflammatory, gluten free, dairy free, alkaline – but you don’t know where to start? Do you want access to good, clean food without having to stress about sourcing a plethora of ingredients?

Founded in 2016, Sealantro offers gourmet healthy prepared meals, fresh, not frozen, and made with love right here in Vero Beach. Meals are individually portioned, labeled with full nutritional information, and ready for reheating. Menus change weekly to guarantee variety.  The following meal types are available:

  • Vegan: Absolutely no animal products. Organic grains and vegetables. Tons of flavor.
  • Keto: Low in net carbs.  High in healthy fat and quality protein. Grass-fed meats. Wild caught fish and seafood. Organic dairy. Eggs from happy hens.
  • Paleo: No gluten, grains, legumes, or dairy. Grass-fed meats. Wild caught fish and seafood.
  • Classic: For the Macro counter. Perfectly portioned protein, carbs and veggies in each meal.
  • Custom: If you have allergies or are following a special diet not listed above, let us know. We can prepare meals according to your needs.

We are a local Vero Beach family-owned business that supports fellow Treasure Coast small businesses. As much as possible, we source locally from produce to proteins to fresh pasta.

Additionally, we operate the beautiful café at McKee Botanical Garden. Sealantro at the Garden Café summer hours are Thursday through Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM to 3:30 PM. Annual closure is from September 1st to October 3rd. Please note that you do not have to pay to enter the Garden to visit us; simply tell Admissions that you are coming to the Café. Be sure to check out our authentic British Afternoon Teas at McKee!

We also offer Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Programs, Catering, Cooking Classes, and Corporate Lunches and Meeting Options.

Sealantro doesn’t offer a healthy menu as an adjunct to a regular menu: our dishes are truly healthy because we have an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner on staff. And an awesome chef!

Most importantly, we believe that healthy food should taste really good. Sealantro is committed to bringing you bold, fresh flavors with every dish we serve.

Please take a moment to learn about Sealantro and our approach. If you want more information, contact us directly and we’ll be glad to oblige.


What People Are Saying About Sealantro…

  • “This is the third prepared meal plan I signed up for. I was skeptical because I did not care for the first two companies I tried. I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality and especially the love that went in to each meal. Imagine 21 days of two vegan meals a day with absolutely NO repeated meals. Soups, salads, stews, “burgers”, BBQ and more. Jayne Withers is a magician in the kitchen.”

    Deby W.

  • “Shrimp curry was AMAZING. I had squash lasagna for lunch… also equally delicious. Everything is beyond what I expected. So happy to have found you!!!”

    Riley B.

  • “I enjoyed the meals so much so that I recommended them to a friend of mine who is confined to her house! She was thrilled that she could get good quality meals delivered. You are on my list of vendors that I refer to for my clients.   My spouse and I shared the meals and therefore, I tasted both of my meals ordered.  His was a good quantity and was enough for him. Mine was a great choice for my limited dietary plan and contained just what I needed.   Thanks for this service.   I look forward to getting a great meal at McKee Botanical Garden also.”

    Susan M.