Welcome to Sealantro Personal Chef services. We offer gourmet healthy food for people who don’t have the time to shop, chop and cook. Sealantro doesn’t offer a healthy menu as an adjunct to a regular menu: our dishes are truly healthy and we even have a holistic nutrition practitioner on staff.

Most importantly, we believe that healthy food should taste really good. Sealantro is committed to bringing you bold, fresh flavors with every dish we serve.

Please take a moment to learn about Sealantro and our approach. If you want more information, contact us directly and we’ll be glad to oblige.

What People Are Saying About Sealantro…

“Wow!! Everything was so delicious tonight! Thanks so much for delivering to me today. I will be in touch all the time as we spend time down here! You are the best and I am very excited for you and for me!”

Sandy M.

“Dinner was delicious and much appreciated by our gluten free guest. The service and clean up were so professional too. We look forward to doing it again after the Holidays.”

Phyllis R.

“We loved dinner and having been talking you up today at Windsor. Thank you for such a delicious dinner for our extended family.”

Diane C.