Healthy Prepared Meals To-Go

How To Order Our Fabulous Food


Our weekly Healthy Options Menu includes three types of dishes:

  1. Vegan (completely plant-based; no animal products)
  2. Paleo (no gluten, grain or dairy)
  3. Keto (low carb, high protein and fat)

Click here for the menus.

Dishes are individually portioned and fully prepared, unlike meal kits. All you have to do is heat your meal in the oven or microwave (instructions are provided). Packaging can be recycled.

Order Online: Click on the link above or go to

Order by Email at

Order by Telephone at 772-492-3614.

Meal Plans

We prepare lunch and/or dinner for you from 3 to 7 days a week. You complete an intake form, which we review to ensure that both your dietary goals and preferences are accommodated. Each meal is made especially for you. Prices vary based on the number of meals we provide. To get started, please complete our contact form or call 772-713-7730.

If you have a clinical diagnosis, we refer to our consulting Registered Dietician to ensure that all meals meet the macro and micro nutrient requirements for your condition.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone (772-492-3614).