What People Are Saying About Sealantro…

Best crab cakes ever!!!!! Thank you, Sealantro, they were the best ever – better than Bookbinders in Philadelphia.”

Deb R.

“Another blockbuster meal by Sealantro Catering. Outstanding! Michael Clifford, you are a genius.”

Shawna S.

“The food was wonderful and so easy. We will definitely have Sealantro’s prepared meals again.”

Jan S.

“Sealantro made healthy eating fun! The session that we had with them taught me so much about healthy eating and challenged many misconceptions that I had. Jayne showed us that healthy doesn’t mean boring and challenged us to step away from the numbers and enjoy fueling our bodies with what they need to feel amazing. Everything Michael taught us to make was delicious! Since our session with Sealantro, I have a much healthier relationship with food as well as a much healthier diet! I even picked up a fantastic cocktail recipe along the way (thanks, Michael)!”

Michelle M.

“I love Sealantro’s fresh approach to healthy eating! Jayne’s mantras of “fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does!” and “food should never be a number” really changed my attitude towards eating and being aware of what I was putting into my body. Now, instead of counting calories at lunch, I count the amount of greens in my kale creations – I especially love the quinoa & feta salad Michael showed us how to make!”

Natalie A.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sealantro since its inception through the prepared meals programs. Jayne’s knowledge of healthful, delicious recipes is encyclopedic. Michael’s skills in the kitchen are superlative. Together, they prepare meals that are outstanding and fun. One never feels deprived of sapidity, but rather introduced to new, exotic tastes and flavors. Whether weight loss or a more healthful regimen is your goal, you will find both in equal measure with Sealantro.”

Mariann P