Table Manners 101(Children)

This interactive class teaches the basics of good table manners to four different age groups. Children and young adults learn the basics of dining decorum including sitting at the table, handling silverware correctly, eating politely, interacting with fellow diners, and ending the meal. Class syllabi are customized for each age group.

Rather than being lecture based, the class focuses on the practicalities of table manners. Participants enjoy a freshly prepared meal while learning to eat with grace and confidence. Follow up materials are provided.


Jayne Withers Clifford, co-owner of Sealantro and native Brit. Jayne is a Cambridge University Modern Languages graduate and former travel wellness consultant who has lived on five continents and speaks as many languages.  While having presented at NASA, and other national companies, Jayne has also taught English to children in Africa and Spain, and nutrition and cooking classes to children on the Treasure Coast. 

Already a published author, Jayne plans on completing her Companion Guide to Afternoon Tea this winter.


The next round of classes will be annouced shortly.


7 to 10 years old, $45; 11 to 6 years old, $50. (3-course meal included).


Please call 772-492-3614 or stop by Sealantro at 2060 6th Avenue. For online booking, please click on this link.

At this time, special diets cannot be accommodated.