How To Host A Tea Party

Ages 16 to adult.

This 3-part series is structured to follow each tier of the traditional tea tray, addressing the tiers one by one in each class. What does that mean? The bottom tier of a 3-tier tea tray consists of finger sandwiches; the middle tier holds scones, clotted cream, and preserves; the top tier hosts a selection of mini desserts and cake, hence the theme for each class.

How to Host a Tea Party is not just a cooking class as Jayne shares not only her recipes that make her teas the most authentic in Vero Beach, but also the etiquette and planning that are required to put together the perfect tea party. Participants will be treated to excerpts from Jayne’s upcoming Companion Guide to Afternoon Tea, as well as all the goodies made during class.   To book online, click here.

Class One

THE BOTTOM TIER: Finger Sandwiches. Dainty finger sandwiches epitomize an afternoon tea.  These delicious morsels are designed to stave off growling stomachs in the gap between lunch and dinner.

Finger sandwich fillings range from very traditional (such as butter and cucumber, cream cheese and cucumber, egg salad), to more modern ( such as roast beef and tomato jam, ham and pimento cheese, Brie, turkey and pear). In the words of Mario Batali, “The possibilities are endless.”

In this class, we will make a variety of traditional and contemporary sandwich fillings; explore the best breads to use; and, the hardest part, learn how to cut sandwiches perfectly whether you want fingers, triangles or, like the Royal household, squares.

2 ½ hour class @ $99 per person.

Class Two

THE MIDDLE TIER: In this class we combine the second tier of the afternoon tea stand (exquisite scones, jam and clotted cream) with making a proper cup of tea. In Britain that is known as a Cream Tea.

We will make three types of classic afternoon tea scones (two sweet, one savory), homemade lemon curd, and a great hack for making clotted cream.

2 ½ hour class @ $99 per person.

Class Three

THE TOP TIER: This is the dainty dessert and cake tier. While the options for the top tier are multitudinous, in this class we will make madeleines, French style fruit tartlets, raspberry mousse filled Belgian chocolate tea cups, and Victoria sponge cake.

3 hour class @ $119 per person

Purchase all three classes for $285. To reserve your spot, call 772-492-3614 or book online via this link.


Class 1: 9/25, 11/13

Class 2: 10/2, 11/20

Class 3: 10/9, 12/4


Jayne Withers Clifford is the co-owner of Sealantro British Café and a native Brit. Jayne is a Cambridge University graduate and former travel wellness consultant who has lived on five continents and speaks as many languages.  Jayne was introduced to extremely formal dining while studying at Cambridge. As she traveled extensively with her language studies and career in travel publishing, Jayne learned the nuances of dining in other cultures.  She is very adept at eating with her hands, using chopsticks, or alternating between the American and Continental styles of using a knife and fork.

Already a published author, Jayne’s Companion Guide to Afternoon Tea will be published this fall.