Healthy Cooking Classes

We love to share our passion for healthy cooking with as many people as possible. Chef Michael and Jayne are available to teach corporate workshops if you want your staff to incorporate healthy food into their diets. Alternatively, cooking classes are a great excuse to bring friends together in the comfort of your home. You can pick and choose from the list of classes or select the full series of eight.

  1. How to Prep Like a Pro: Basic Skills and Restaurant Secrets to Avoid Spending Every Evening Tied to the Stove.
  2. How to Shop for Healthy Food: 4 Easy Steps to Gaining Control and Clarity Around Your Food Choices.
  3. You’d Better Be-Leaf It!
  4. Getting to the Root of the Matter: Beyond Carrots and Onions,
  5. Healthy Cooking for Children
  6. Gluten Free Deliciousness: How to Embrace the Opportunity Rather Than Restrictions When Faced with a Gluten Free Diet.
  7. Cooking for Diabetes: Lower Your Blood Sugar with Simple and Delicious Changes to Your Diet
  8. Healthy Desserts: How to Deal with a Sweet Tooth without Packing on Pounds or Pimples.

See below for class descriptions.

How to Prep Like a Pro

Preparing a week’s worth of meals in advance is much easier than it sounds. We show you how to “batch cook” and cross use ingredients, while sharing lots of our professional secrets to save you time and money.








How to Shop for Healthy Food

Supermarkets can be overwhelming, food packaging descriptions are misleading, and labels hard to decipher. Jayne provisions for our restaurant and our meal service, which means she is shopping pretty much every day. She brings her professional expertise to this class, showing you ways to shop smarter for quality ingredients while cutting through the marketing mayhem.




You’d Better Be-Leaf It!

greens at farmer's marketLeafy greens are one of the most nutritious foods available to us and there are literally thousands of varieties in existence. Greens oxygenate our blood and help detoxify the liver, yet they are the vegetable group that is most missing from our diet. If you think vegetables are French fries and ketchup or over-boiled collards, come and learn how to make out-of-the-ordinary dishes that are simply delicious.





Getting to the Root of the Matter

Colorful root vegetablesRoot vegetables are wholesome and have wonderful grounding properties.  When cooked right, root vegetables can help one overcome sugar addiction. They are also useful in thickening gluten free dishes.  In this class, we will go beyond the simple boiled carrot and look at ways of incorporating a variety of root vegetables into your diet. Subtle changes can make the biggest difference if you are addicted to potatoes… Gluten free, Keto and Vegan dishes will be demonstrated.

Healthy Cooking for Children

Iveggie toppingsnvolving children in preparing and cooking their own food is a guaranteed way to stave off pickiness and encourage a varied palate. The sooner children start to do so, the better.  This popular class includes excerpts from Dr. David Katz’s (Yale University School of Public Health) Nutrition Detectives program in which children are taught to read food labels and to identify unhealthy additives. This is a very hands-on class in which teachers and students alike end up wearing their food.






Gluten Free Deliciousness

balsamic salmon.JPGMaybe your physician has advised that you eat gluten free because of a Celiac Disease diagnosis, or you suspect that you have a gluten intolerance.  The “What Do I Eat Next?” reflex can be disheartening if you don’t know where to begin.  You might feel that your diet is going to be restricted for the rest of your life, a life dominated by gluten free bread that tastes like cardboard.  We will teach you how to approach gluten free living from the standpoint of opportunity rather than restriction.  There is a whole new world out there…





Cooking for Diabetes

Summer ProduceWhile the first focus for diabetes patients is monitored medical care, modifying your diet gives you the opportunity to take control of managing your condition. Chef Michael shaved hundreds of points off his blood sugar within days of changing his diet and now he wants to teach others  how to cook delicious, easy dishes that are low glycemic. We look at two options that have solid scientific support: Veganism and Keto. While ostensibly at polar ends of the healthy eating spectrum – one advocates no fat or animal products; the other is high in fat and protein – both have research* to support their effectiveness.  We will showcase dishes from both schools to support the principle of bio-individuality – you have to find what works for you.

*Harvard School of Public Health and The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (a full list of peer reviewed articles is available on request).


Healthy Desserts

vegan cheesecake 1While sugar is being widely heralded as evil, which it should be, that doesn’t help those of us who crave the sweet stuff in our lives. Even if you have adopted a largely sugar free lifestyle, there are times when you simply need dessert. We show you how to do so with natural ingredients that won’t lead to the energy roller coaster that sugar causes, or the weight gain, or the hormonal issues, or pimples.