Dining Out 101 (Children & Teens)

Do you dread taking your child to a restaurant?

Do you completely avoid going out to dine with your offspring?

Do you cringe at your child’s table manners or overall behavior in a restaurant?

Do you flinch at disapproving looks at family gatherings?

Do you feel like you are setting up your kids for failure when you dine out?

You can keep your children home until they are old enough to eat out without embarrassing you completely, or you can set them on the path to impeccable manners as soon as possible.

This class covers:

How to interact with fellow diners from greetings to ending the meal.

How to set a formal table.

How to handle silverware correctly.

How to communicate politely with servers.

How to behave in a restaurant environment.

Rather than being lecture based, the class focuses on the practicalities of table manners and social situations. Participants enjoy a freshly prepared 3-course meal to put their newly learned skills into practice. Students will leave the class with confidence around dining, and follow up materials to help keep them (and parents) on track.

Next class dates will be announced shortly.


7 to 9 years old, $45; 12 to 16 years old, $50. (4-course meal included).


Please call 772-492-3614 or stop by Sealantro at 2060 6th Avenue. For online booking, please click on this link.

At this time, special diets cannot be accommodated.