Afternoon Tea Menu

Our tea menu changes every six to eight weeks. The current menu will run through the end of May.


  • “Two Tier” Tea Per Person Serving: Finger Sandwiches (Two Pieces Each of Three Sandwiches Per Person), A Freshly Made Tea Scone (Fruit or Plain), Jam, Clotted Cream, Small Pot of Loose Leaf Tea. $24.95 per person.
  • “Three Tier” Tea Per Person Serving: Finger Sandwiches (Two Pieces Each of Four Sandwiches Per Person)Freshly Made Tea Scone s (Fruit, Plain or Seasonal), Jam, Clotted Cream; Three Mini Desserts such as French Macarons, Petits Fours, and Mini Cakes, Slice of Victoria Sponge Cake or a seasonal offering; Small Pot of Loose Leaf Tea $42.95 per person.
  • Royal Tea Our Three Tier tea with a glass of Bubbly $55.95 per person
  • Peter Rabbit Tea (12 years and younger) Finger Sandwiches (Four pieces of finger sandwiches. Choose two from Organic Egg Salad, Cream Cheese and Cucumber, or Peanut Butter and Jelly); Freshly Made Tea Scone (Fruit or Plain), Jam, Clotted Cream; Small Pot of Loose Leaf Tea, Orange Juice or Almond Milk $14.95 per person



Watermelon Radish and Irish Butter

Organic Egg Salad and Pepper Trail Farm Microgreens

House-Made Pimento Cheese with Ham or English Cucumber

Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread and English Cucumber


Golden Raisin (Sultana), Plain or Honey Lavender, served with Imported Clotted Cream, Preserves or Lemon Curd

Cakes and Mini Desserts *

Macaron, Raspberry Rose Shortbread, Belgian Chocolate Tea Cup filled with Cherry Blossom Mousse, Carrot Layer Cake or Victoria Sponge

Loose Leaf Tea

Your edible goodies come with a pot of loose leaf tea of your choice. We offer 15 loose leaf teas, all sourced from our friends at Tea and Chi right here in Vero Beach. For a full list of our loose leaf teas, please click here.

We offer wine and Prosecco by both the glass and the bottle to add a little panache to your tea.

*Our selection of mini desserts is subject to change.

The Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

Many people refer to Cream Tea and Afternoon Tea as High Tea. This is generally a misinterpretation of how the tradition of Afternoon Tea evolved. While the Duchess of Bedford (the attributed creator of Afternoon Tea) was entertaining her friends at a “low” table with finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries in the afternoon, her servants were hoping she would finish soon and leave some scones. They would finish work and sit down to their tea at a “high” table. The meal would consist of a hot dish, a pot of tea and something sweet. High Tea was traditionally taken later in the evening, around 6 PM. At Sealantro we offer high tea here and there for special occasions. In the meantime, polish your tea knowledge badge and come see us for Cream Tea or Afternoon Tea.